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Topgolf is a global sports entertainment company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The company's largest investors are WestRiver Group and Callaway Golf. TopGolf locations in Australia are run by a joint venture of Topgolf International (3.7%) and Village Roadshow Theme Parks.

Topgolf has a terrible organization and equipment malfunction, customers can wait up to an hour to be told that the golf course is not 100% operational, according to a review by dadams001 at

"The last time we went, there was an equipment malfunction. Was told to come back and we would be taken care of. Here today, 1.5 hours wait when the ground level is completely clear. Was told that it was closed today? Sure would have been nice to know that they were not going to be operating at 100% before we came out. Might be our last visit to Topgolf."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Management does not make decisions in a timely manner and politics are destructive."

Former Employee - Event Sales says

"I honestly can not even begin to list the amount of cons. At least when I was there and the location I was at, the cons were endless. We had a revolving door of employees and a massive drop in foot-traffic after less than 8 months due to facility management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No breaks, Always short staffed have to do the work of 2 people most days, scheduled to work several days in a row before you get a day off. Managers show extreme favoritism regarding work load, scheduling, and pay."

Former Employee - Bayhost/Server says

"Worked at multiple venues and each one had poor management, harassment and unwilling to think of associates as human beings."

Former Employee - Food Runner says

"everything - underpaid, short breaks, uncomfortable work environment"

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Everything else is not very cool"

Former Employee - Chef says

"No creativity nasty bosses long hours"

Current Employee - Senior Accountant says

"Long hours, unsupportive management. Very ironic for a company where one of their core values is 'caring' the accounting and finance team is some of the least caring individuals I have ever encountered in my career."

Former Employee - Food Runner says

"Management failed to investigate a situation leading up to my termination, coworkers can be cold hearted at times. Being too honest about a situation cost me my job."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Rude management favoritism hire so many people every month you barely get hours"

Facilities (Former Employee) says

"To many staff members to do one job,, under payed, mangers don't care about the workers, there is no job growth unless you are a family member off a management team, my opinion is don't work for village rd show at all, you want to work at a theam park go to dream world,, stay away Free entrance to the theam parksUnder payed, you dont feel like you are apart off a team"

Bayhost (Former Employee) says

"Would not advise working here unless you want to be treated like a robot. If you want to keep your job then keeping your mouth quiet seems to work. Expect you to work through breaks and don't provide anyou sort of lunch. Considering how many millions this company makes they could do soooo much better. NoneThe whole job"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Again, if you're planning to join this company especially if you live in Dubai, where they're about to open their 1st branch here, read this before going to their "Mission: Ambition" recruitment day.First of all, you have to be Physically ready, you have to wear comfortable clothes and bring your own water because most of what they'll ask of you will involve Dancing, Dance-offs, Singing, and VERY LITTLE Talkjng.I was there on one of their Auditions, not a recruitment day bafoonery because I did a lot of Dancing, I was one of the standouts, I always say things that are outside the box and put myself out there.The fateful call happened exactly a week after I went for their audition and guess what, I got rejected and most painfully, I was told off like just one of the common people who went there too. Plus I've heard from one of my sources that the uninterested silent ones are the ones who passed. So if you want to go there, my advice now is be uninterested and silent and boring as possible so you'd pass! Good luck!"

Greet, give and guide the guest inside the venue (Former Employee) says

"They suck, they don’t care about you & lots of favoritisms!! Managers would cut your hours instead of replacing them with the days you request off. Everything was about who was better."

Bar Back (Former Employee) says

"They pitch you a place where you will make friends and have fun. This is the complete opposite of what I experienced. Co-workers formed up into cliques and avoided other people.I had to listen to them talk about doing drugs almost every day. I was sexually harassed, and physically threatened by my co-workers as well. I dreaded going to work every day."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Tell me how you can lay of hundreds of EMPLOYEES over a video call that was scheduled the night before. Yeah, I loved my job but boy did that kool-aid run dry the second I was terminated. You know why they termed me? To save money and so they can build more Topgolf’s and give false hope to future workers."

Pm cook (Former Employee) says

"They promote there own kind, point blank if your black you get no love no more talk. The sous chefs can't cook the leads come from taco bell and burger king if you kiss enough butt you might move up. If you have genuine cooking skills they will exploit you and have you close the busiest station by yourself as the walk around trying to have relations with the servers and prep girls."

Barback (Former Employee) says

"you need to sleep your way to the top bullying and harassment are common everyone is rude and management is an absolute joke stay as far away as you can"

Porter (Former Employee) says

"Work somewhere else! Those people don't care about their workers only $$. Very unprofessional it's almost like an adult daycare more than it's a workplace."

Busser/Runner/Caddie (Former Employee) says

"It is much different of a company in the bad way. Its more geared towards the happiness of the customer or guest rather than the employee or associate. Which in return, the people who work at TG suffer."

Platinum Host (Former Employee) says

"Topgolf has some of the the worst mangers, in any industry. I left TopGolf because they have the worst mangers. They act like little children you never can take a problem to them because behind your back they laugh and make fun of your problems."

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company that doesn't look out for your best interests. Doesn't promote friendly relationships between associates. Discourages being truthful and honest. Overall a total scam of a company. Most enjoyable part of the day was leaving."

Busser/Hostess (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place to work. Management does not do a good job and everyone slacks off. There is low business which gives the employees less hours"

Executive Sous Chef (Former Employee) says

"Sad a multi million dollar location could not pay kitchen staff to properly handle business flow. The kitchen was always understaffed and forced to handle the over loading guest flow causing long food ticket times and an unbearable stress level"

Caddie (Former Employee) says

"the worst place to work. they hire based on personality and if you dont have it, then good bye job. they dont have fexible anything sorecomed to stay away."

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Despite being successful this place Top Golf is a joke horrific management and they are unbelievabley racist for it being 2020. I applied for a bartender position at the new one in Germantown md. I have 25 plus years experience in the bar and restaurant business. Went threw there extremely corny job procedure they call me the next day and said I was to old and obese to work for top golf. Terrible"

Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"No felony charges just Minor traffic stops and misdemeanors over ten years old and still was let go poor management from HR that's all the way in Texas so wasn't even able to meet in person just a phone call🤦🏽‍♀️"

Caddie (Former Employee) says

"Fired me because I had a medical condition and couldn’t come in to work on a day that they scheduled me for the thing I couldn’t do. I fought for my job for weeks, finally they just said screw me and fired me. When I asked for a number to reach Human Resources they gave me the wrong one. It seems fun to work there but at the end of the day they don’t care about you at all."

Bay Host/Even Associate (Current Employee) says

"Theres always a few that make it bad for everyone else. Well Topgolf epitomizes this statement. There are a few great one though that keep the boat floating for the rest. If your into High drama meets College campus...awesome place to work. Otherwise this place is no place for anyone SERIOUS about making money!!!"

Bartender (Current Employee) says

"2 weeks of training for 1-2 shifts a week. Possible 15-20 hours a week. Some weeks not scheduled at all. You get suckered in with false promises. There is more scheduled mandatory meetings then actual work shifts"

Top Golf Ruined my town says

"Top golf has torn down the municipal golf course to build thair s*it golf bar. Ru8ng thousands of people\'s entertainment. Taking the only small golf corse in my area, and turning it into a rich middle-aged man\'s playground. I\'m not even going to give them a chance, they don\'t deserve any of my money!"

Mark Collier says

"Today is 11-13-2020 We have a reservation that we tried to postpone, not cancel due to someone in our party sick and could have COVID 19. We were told we couldn't. So I suggest that you don't go there tonight, we will be showing up with someone who probably has COVID!!!"

Yacine Rabia says

"Cookie policy don't give you the option to reject all."


"Attended today with my children, the venue is full of wasps. They are everywhere. We were allocated a bay, 7 dead wasps were there and they were cleaned away when I requested. I asked to be moved as I am allergic, the response was poor and I asked to speak to a manager who said it’s a problem and to go home if I was concerned. We decided to try and play, one hole later and 4 wasps came in 2 minutes, there are wasps traps everywhere that are full. We decided to leave and we’re given a refund and the reply from the manager was “yes we’re all getting stung too!” Ridiculous! Do not go, shame as great fun usually."

sharon gorman says

"I've been a few times and had a great time. Had so much fun I decided to buy a gift certificate online for my brother. My brother was unable to retrieve the e-card no matter what combination we tried. The customer support was below par (no pun intended). I THINK I was able to get a refund. Won't know for "7-10 days" if I that was successful. So much for a fun surprise gift."

Ami Ladhawala says

"Worst place ever. They charged me even if I am a member. I hated the place. No one was attending us."

Alex Hatfield says

"I was not happy with our experience or the service. We had 7 people in our party( one of which was a young child who wasn’t playing) they made us purchase two bays because the max amount of people was 6. The bays we bought we directly beside each other, on the bottom floor with literally NO ONE ELSE AROUND. This game is pricey and when you have to purchase two it’s not enjoyable. We are in the same party so it shouldn’t matter. That’s not even all. While waiting to get to our bay all members of our party we sitting except for one person who was standing directly beside our table. They came over and rudely told us that we had to all be in a chair. How does that help prevent anything?? It’s the same area and maybe 6 inches from sitting to standing. Lol. Oh and in Columbus Ohio which is the location I played at, they don’t even have the ball tracer feature so...yeah."

Jessica Falls says

"On January 12, 2020 at approximately 1020, we were driving northbound on I-25 in the center lane when we were stuck by a golf ball that was bouncing south under the overpass next to Top Golf in Thornton, Colorado. I was driving and my husband was in the passenger seat. I thought the ball hit under the Jeep, so we kept going and were just thankful that it didn’t go through the windshield. When we got to our destination, I looked at the front of the Jeep and saw that the ball had not hit the underside of the Jeep but had hit the passenger headlight and made quite the hole. Again, I am thankful that it hit the headlight and didn’t go through the windshield and hit my husband because we were going 65 and that wouldn’t have ended well. My husband called Top Golf and asked to speak to a manager. He spoke to Vincent Solano. He was very condescending to my husband. He didn’t ask if everyone was alright or anything along those lines. Instead, he asked if we stopped on I25 and recovered the ball. He also stated that our story didn’t make any sense because we were going northbound and that is the direction that they hit the balls. While they were speaking, my husband was becoming visibly angry so I took the phone from him. Vincent was condescending to me too. He was short with me, rude, and it felt as though he was blowing us off. He took my information and said someone would call me the next day. Someone did call me. The manager who I spoke with assured me that their insurance would be calling me. Today is the 24th of January. No insurance ever called me. I haven’t heard a word from Top Golf regarding this incident. What doesn’t make sense, is building a driving range next to an interstate and expecting their balls to never make their way to traffic. It is irresponsible. I am thankful that my husband wasn’t hurt or killed. I am thankful that it is only a headlight. I am not however satisfied with the response from Top Golf. I have a recorder on the phone from when we spoke to Vincent. The call is recorded but it came out blank or I’d put it on a site somewhere and provide a link so that everyone could hear the terrible customer service that Vincent provides. I will never go to Top Golf and I will tell anyone who mentions them about what happened. I will not reach out to them again. Top Golf doesn’t care about the safety of the traffic driving by at 65+ miles per hour. They have made that abundantly clear."

Mary says

"Waiter did not return my debit card with receipt. Next day when I realized I didn’t have my debit card I tried calling topgolf to locate it. Spent 2 hours on their phone system trying all the options and being on hold. Never got to a live person. Finally gave up and drove back and spoke to a manager who admitted there is no inbound phone line to their location. They had my card. I asked since I can’t call them, why did they not try to contact me? Not the company policy - WHAT!?!? You have my debit card, membership card and can even find the bay number and receipt I spent over$100 and you can’t let me know you have my debit card?!?!? Terrible terrible customer care!"

Theresa says

"As most know, golf is expensive, machines keeping scores work perfectly only on the time left and food and service are good. Golfed today and nearly choked when new people were brought to the bay next to ours and only the one screen was wiped. Clubs were not wiped, chairs were not wiped, table was not wiped. So the statement that the bay is disinfected is a total lie. Fingers crossed that my trust in their lie does not result in covid. We ate finger foods while using clubs and screens. Super disappointed Top Golf!!!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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